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About Me

Hey there I’m Jennifer, and I am so happy that you came by my blog!  I am a recent Fashion Merchandising and Marketing graduate from Immaculata University. I’m currently living in Wayne, PA with the love of my life and our three year old son.  A little more about me personally; I love reading fiction novels and watching movies. I’m a major coffee lover, and I could get lost for hours painting and drawing. I’m the youngest of my six siblings, and definitely possess the common qualities of the youngest child. I’m super outgoing, expressive, and love being creative! Marco, my love, is from Italy and we are both fashion lovers who enjoy expressing ourselves through our style. To me fashion is more than how well we dress, or the designer tags, it is an expression of who we are and how we want the world to view us as individuals. Our style is a nonverbal personal statement we make. I try to live by and spread these words; have fun, and always stay true to you! No one else can be you, better than you, so own it!


About A Casual Closet

I created A Casual Closet to share my unending passion for style. I love to keep it comfortable, but still trendy!  I adore all things fashion related and hope that by sharing my passions I can inspire others to find their own sense of style. All throughout college I wanted to be a blogger, but never had the time, but yet found myself  completely addicted to social media for inspiration and style(I think this this is common among us fashion majors!). As my job search began I realized that I longed to create the blog of my dreams, and to no longer be just a looker, but a creator! Again, I’m super excited that you visited my site, and please feel free to reach out to me! I’m here for your benefit!


Keeping it casual,