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Happy Wednesday everyone! I’ve had numerous friends ask me how I workout from home and not the gym, and decided to share a post on it. I’m sharing some tips that helped me achieve my weight loss goals without going to the gym. I am not a fitness expert, or a fitness fanatic, so I can only share what works for me. About a year ago I started to eat healthier and add more exercise into my life in the hopes of being all around healthier and lose weight. I was a full time student, intern, held a part time job, and I’m a mommy…sometimes the gym was just not possible (most of the time). I was tired of the excuse of no time, and finally resorted to at home workouts (for some reason I viewed that as a negative). Some of these tips may seem obvious, but easier said than done. So, if you are like me and the gym is just not always the easiest place to get to, and at home workouts are on the agenda, then keep reading!


1. Create a plan

One of the things I really needed to keep me on track and dedicated was a weekly plan. I would set up what times each day I would exercise and what part of my body I would dedicate to that day. For example, Monday would be legs/abs, Tuesday would be arms, etc. I always mix in cardio(that’s my preference, I can’t say it’s for the best!), and a short full body circuit. Along with my weekly plans I did have an overall goal of total weight loss, but I believe it’s necessary to create mini weekly goals in order to achieve a big one. Looking at a lot of weight to lose is overwhelming, but setting a goal of 1-2 pounds a week makes the plan seem manageable. So each week attempt to achieve a small goal, whether weight loss or just toning, and as the weeks go by it will get easier with your consistency.


2. Pinterest/Youtube

I never created my own workouts, I would go on Youtube & Pinterest and find workouts specific to the area of my body I wanted to focus on. Seriously guys, Pinterest has millions of little workout plans that are perfect for exercising at home and they actually work(you just need to push yourself). They are great when you have little time and are just squeezing a workout in. When I first started working out I loved using Fitness Blender on youtube, because they had so many different videos for all of my needs, they were easy to follow along with, and they were informative. I say choose a channel you really like and stick with it so plans are easier to make. Content is out there just waiting to be found and utilized. Go for it!!


3. Don’t underestimate your body weight

Alrighty, I’m going to be honest, I preferred the gym because of the equipment and didn’t trust relying on my own body resistance. Has anyone else ever thought or felt that way before?! I would do exercises I found on Youtube or Pinterest and initially felt disappointed that they were too easy or that they were never going to work. Which is not true, I was just not performing to my full potential, and when you are home sometimes it’s easier to not power through. If you want to get the best out of your at home workouts you need to challenge yourself. For example when I would do lateral pulls I needed to squeeze my shoulder blades together tighter than I was, and it came down to me pushing myself harder. Our own body weight is a great way to do strength training with home workouts, where there is no equipment. Take advantage of it, and really work against your own body weight. ( Side note: I adore plank exercises, one of my faves)


4. FORM before SPEED

I would try desperately to keep up with the trainers in the videos, or just be faster at exercises. I realized I wasn’t getting as much out of my workouts. For example, I would try to do pushups fast even if it meant not completely doing a full pushup. Well, they never got easier, and I didn’t get the results I wanted, because I wasn’t doing them correctly. I learned the hard way that it’s better to do the exercise slower with proper form, and complete the set. Little by little the exercises got easier, and my form got better. I can’t emphasize this enough, because sometimes we don’t even realize our form isn’t correct, but it’s crucial for optimal results. Keep in mind you can rewind any video you’re watching, and work at your own pace. It’s not a race; it’s about you taking proper care of your body. Be patient with yourself, breathe and hydrate.

So there you have it! Those are my at home workout tips, and as they may seem obvious… I challenge you to try them. I know will you see positive results, because I did.


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